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Tightly cropped portrait of Mario Amaya
Chrysler Museum of Art
"Mapplethorpe's Miracles" by Seth Feman, PhD August 19, 2021
Self=portrait with devil horns
Onda MX
"A faun in Morán Morán. About the exhibition Mapplethorpe: Sculpture" by Mariel Vela August 7, 2021
Black male portrait in profile, head facing up tightly cropped.
"Inside a New Robert Mapplethorpe Exhibition Curated by Arthur Jafa" by Osman Can Yerebakan March 29, 2021
Peter Berlin, shirtless, with hands on hips, standing on boardwalk surrounded by foliage.
Musée Magazine
"Exhibition Review: Robert Mapplethorpe Curated by Arthur Jafa at Gladstone" by Lara Southern March 24, 2021
Nude white man facing away from camera from the torso up, holding horns.
Korea Times
"Robert Mapplethorpe's controversial photos arrive in Korea" by Kwon Mee-yoo March 2, 2021
Nude black man bending forward with head out of frame.
The Korea Herald
"First Mapplethorpe show in Korea highlights iconic status of US photographer" by Park Yuna March 1, 2021
Robert Wilson seated in chair with hands folded.
Another Man
"Robert Wilson Remembers His Close Friend Robert Mapplethorpe" by Miss Rosen March 12, 2020
Jack Walls in military hat and uniform.
"Robert Mapplethorpe, Curated by Roe Ethridge" by Angie Kordic March 2, 2018
Series of rectangular apartment windows with a shadow across the left side of image.
"Robert Mapplethorpe: the young wanderer’s early years" by Tom Seymour February 15, 2018
Eight frogs on a plate
The Telegraph
"From Elton John to Juergen Teller: London's photography exhibitions view the world with radical eyes" by Louisa Buck November 25, 2016
High contrast portrait of Cookie Mueller, with half her face in shadow.
Artnet News
"Juergen Teller Shines a Light on a Lesser-Known Side of Robert Mapplethorpe" by Lorena Muñoz-Alonso November 18, 2016
Vase with two poppy buds pointing to either side of frame.
Financial Times
"The naked eye: Juergen Teller on Robert Mapplethorpe" by Jo Ellison November 4, 2016
Lisa Lyon in silk dress reclining on a stone bench in a tropical landscape.
Financial Times
"Understanding Robert Mapplethorpe" by Gareth Harris February 25, 2016
Portrait of Lucio Amelio in a hood hiding behind a wooden chair.
The Wall Street Journal
"New Exhibition Explores the Impact of Photographer Robert Mapplethorpe" by Kristiano Ang December 2, 2013
Fashion image of  woman in one piece bathing suit and turban walking into a pool.
"Robert Mapplethorpe: Fashion Show" by Francesca Goodwin September 26, 2013
Peter Reed phorographed from behind with hands on hips, cropped from thigh to waist.
The Times
"Jake Shears on why the Scissor Sisters love Robert Mapplethorpe" by Jake Shears January 13, 2011