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Gagosian Quarterly
Gagosian Quarterly
"Robert Mapplethorpe's Jewelry: Gaia Repossi and Michael Ward Stout" by Wyatt Allgeier Spring 2022
W Magazine
W Magazine
"A Tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe in Fine Jewelry" by Horacio Silva March 11, 2022
Polaroid image of Robert's jewelry--a beaded necklace with two dangling skulls.
The New York Times
"Mapplethorpe Jewelry Inspires a New Collection" by Tina Isaac-Goizé April 23, 2021
Backlit, backwards American flag waving in the breeze.
"All you need to know about Robert Mapplethorpe" June 17, 2020



George Bussey holding his head with both hands, face not visible.
"Looking Again At Robert Mapplethorpe’s Gorgeous Provocations" by Alex Bilmes May 30, 2020
 James Ford in profile, lying in bathtub.
Port Magazine
"Playing with the Edge" by Arthur C. Danto May 25, 2020
Backlit, tattered American flag flying in the wind.
"Guggenheim Launches Photography Fellowship with Gift from Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation" July 25, 2019
A single Calla Lily in a spotlight.
British Journal of Photography
"Implicit Tensions: Mapplethorpe Now" by Charlotte Jansen January 25, 2019
Self=portrait in leather jacket with cigarette in mouth.
Another Man
"Remembering Robert Mapplethorpe Through Stories From Those Who Knew Him" by Miss Rosen January 24, 2019
man in full rubber suit reclining on a bench in front of a plastic sheet.
"Why Mapplethorpe's Photographs Remain Subversive, Even without the Shock Value" by Jackson Arn January 14, 2019
Patti Smith facing camera, cutting her hair, with cat in background.
The Guardian
"Robert Mapplethorpe's photos document a vanishing kind of artistic community" by Nathan Dunne November 6, 2017
Sculpture of Ganymede and Jupiter's Eagle.
The New York Times
"Raf Simons Salutes Robert Mapplethorpe, a Fellow Provocateur" by Matthew Schneier June 17, 2016
Ken Moody and Robert Sherman, both in profile, facing to the left.
"Robert Mapplethorpe's Provocative Art Finds A New Home In LA" by Mandalit del Barco March 17, 2016
Self-Portrait in makeup and fur collar.
Vanity Fair
"When Robert Mapplethorpe Took New York" by Bob Colacello March 8, 2016
Thomas naked, crouching in a circle.
"Mapplethorpe's Muses" by Arabella Noortman January 9, 2015
Ken Moody, nude from the chest up, looking downwards.
The New York Times
"Mapplethorpe: A Sculptural Perspective" by Mara Hoberman April 15, 2014
Ken Moody holding a flower up above his head, with eyes closed, geometric background.
The Getty Iris
"Robert Mapplethorpe Papers and Photographs" by Annette Doss and Katie Duvall January 28, 2013
White flower in bowl of water photographed from above.
Los Angeles Times
"Review: LACMA’s ‘XYZ’ on Robert Mapplethorpe: Gay artist vs. straight tradition" by Christopher Knight November 4, 2012
Irises pointing in one direction diagonally across frame.
The New York Times
"Deal Brings Mapplethorpe Shows" by Ted Loos October 26, 2012
Minimal flower arrangement with shadowy background.
The Observer
"Exclusive: CCS Bard Names a Gallery for Robert Mapplethorpe, Honoring $500,000 Foundation Gift" by Andrew Russeth and Sarah Douglas March 15, 2012
Two men, one white, one Black, embracing with faces obscured.
News Wise
"Mapplethorpe Foundation Donates Photographs to the Kinsey Institute" October 11, 2011
Man wearing leather mask, holding snake around neck.
IU News Room, Indiana University News
"Mapplethorpe Foundation donates photographs to The Kinsey Institute" October 11, 2011
Self-portrait with leather jacket and pompadour.
From The Getty Press Office
"LACMA and The Getty Acquire Robert Mapplethorpe Art and Archive" February 7, 2011
Unique triptych of Patti Smith images from the film still moving, presented against alternating black and white backgrounds mounted together in a wooden frame.
The New York Times
"Critic's Notebook; Photography Wins Advocates, With a Focus Still to Come" by Charles Hagen February 2, 1993
The Washington Post
The Washington Post
"Auction" by Judd Tully November 3, 1989
Urn holding various types of fruit.
Bomb Magazine
"Robert Mapplethorpe" by Gary Indiana January 1, 1988