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The shadow silhouette of a man in a Navy cap saluting.

Galería Elvira González

Robert Mapplethorpe

Madrid, Spain

November 10, 2022 – January 7, 2023

Skull in 3/4 view.
Sean Kelly Gallery
Robert Mapplethorpe: Saints and Sinners New York, NY December 14, 2013 – January 25, 2014
Lisa Lyon in zebra- patterned dress and pearls with hands up, facing away from camera
Alison Jacques Gallery
Robert Mapplethorpe: Fashion Show London, England September 11 – October 5, 2013
Series of rectangular apartment windows.
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
Robert Mapplethorpe, Curated by Isabelle Huppert Salzburg, Austria August 31, 2013 – January 11, 2014
Eric's neck, head, ear and cheek.
Galerie Stefan Röpke
Robert Mapplethorpe: Fetish Cologne, Germany June 21 – August 31, 2013
John McKendry next to outlets, only have of face visible.
Xavier Hufkens
Robert Mapplethorpe: Au Début (works from 1970-1979) Brussels, Belgium June 6 – July 27, 2013
Lisa Lyon partially submerged underwater, nude.
Galleria Franco Noero
Robert Mapplethorpe Turin, Italy June 4 – July 26, 2013
One single leaf, stem coming out of left corner.
Galería Elvira González
Robert Mapplethorpe: Works from 1980 to 1989 Madrid, Spain May 23 – July 19, 2013
Thomas, nude, crouching with one hand on hand.
Baldwin Gallery
Robert Mapplethorpe: Figure and Flower Studies Aspen, CO February 15 – March 10, 2013
Leaf on corner of table.
Olga Korper Gallery
Robert Mapplethorpe Toronto, Canada December 1, 2012 – January 19, 2013
Thomas standing in a circle.
J. Paul Getty Museum
In Focus: Robert Mapplethorpe Los Angeles, CA October 23, 2012 – March 24, 2013
A single tuberose flowering upward.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Robert Mapplethorpe: XYZ Los Angeles, CA October 21, 2012 – March 24, 2013
Fashion shot of woman partially submerged in pool, hair up in towel.
Galeria Senda
Robert Mapplethorpe Barcelona, Spain September 27 – November 15, 2012
A single Calla Lily in a spotlight.
Seibu Shibuya & Seibu Ikebukuro
Traveling Exhibition Tokyo, Japan 2012 - 2013
Bust of head and neck, a book, and a skull atop paisley textile.
Mai 36 Galerie
Mapplethorpe: Pure Zurich, Switzerland April 27 – June 2, 2012
Glass vase against circular backdrop.
Xavier Laboulbenne
Mapplethorpe and Michael Sayles Berlin, Germany April 13 – June 23, 2012
Portrait of William Burroughs in profile, seated, hands folded.
ARTIST ROOMS Scottish Tour: Robert Mapplethorpe Traveling Exhibition 2012-2013
Bouquet of flowers in vase on table.
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
Robert Mapplethorpe, Curated by Sofia Coppola Paris, France November 25, 2011 – January 7, 2012
Single white rose against a black background.
Onassis Cultural Centre
Robert Mapplethorpe Athens, Greece November 1, 2011 – February 29, 2012
Portrait of Patti Smith, hands grasped.
i8 Gallery
Robert Mapplethorpe Reykjavik, Iceland July 28 – September 10, 2011
Thomas naked, sitting in a square with arms reaching up..
Galería Elvira González
Robert Mapplethorpe: La Mirada de Pedro Almodóvar Madrid, Spain June 7 – July 22, 2011
closely cropped image of waves of lake.
Galerie Stefan Röpke
En Plein Air Cologne, Germany June 1 – July 9, 2011
Male chest with flecks of light upon it.
Sean Kelly Gallery
Robert Mapplethorpe: 50 Americans New York, NY May 7 – June 18, 2011
Nude black man sitting with hands on the wheel of a slab roller and looking downward.
Galerie Thomas Schulte
Robert Mapplethorpe: Friends and Acquaintances Berlin, Germany March 25 – April 25, 2011
Three glass objects arranged.
Texas Gallery
Blossoming, Curated by Klaus Kertess Houston, TX March 10 – May 7, 2011
Irises pointing in one direction.
Montclair Art Museum
Robert Mapplethorpe Flowers: Selections from the JP Morgan Chase Art Collection Montclair, NJ February 4 – July 17, 2011
Lisa Lyon pulling shirt over her head.
Alison Jacques Gallery
Robert Mapplethorpe: Night Work, Curated by Scissor Sisters London, England January 19 – March 19, 2011
Nude black man from the side.
Galeri Nev
Robert Mapplethorpe: Desired Istanbul, Turkey January 14 – February 12, 2011