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Man in leather mask with chains.

Leather Mask, 1980

Jim in leather outfit holding staircase.

Jim, Sausalito, 1977

Two white men in leather jackets kissing.

Larry and Bobby Kissing, 1979 

Nude white man facing away from camera from the torso up, holding horns.

Frank Diaz, 1980

Man crouching in window, wearing cowboy hat, pants, and and vest looking down with penis visible.

Victor Huston, 1979

Two men, both shirtless, hugging.

Embrace, 1982

Man wearing leather pants and a belt.

Leather Crotch, 1980

Man wearing mask, holding snake.

Snakeman, 1981

Portrait of two men in full leather outfits, facing camera head on.

Brian Ridley and Lyle Heeter, 1979