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Four pieces of silverware.

Gorham Seafood Servers, 1988

Single daisy in a vase, centered on table.

African Daisy, 1982

Flower in bowl on a ledge, light filtering in from right side.

Flower, 1986

Bust of head and neck, a book, and a skull atop paisley textile.

Bust and Skull, 1987

Ken Moody in profile, holding a high heeled shoe close to his mouth.

Ken Moody, 1985

Sign with "Dancer Pericolo" and a skull in the foreground, mountains in background.

Danger Pericolo, 1983

Two feet touching at the toes.

Feet, 1982

Hand grasping knee.

Hand, 1980

Ridged glass vase resting on a black tabletop with the top of a tulip hanging over the center edge to show the flower's interior.

Tulip, 1982